A: 70% cotton + 30% polyester

A: 100,000 production capacity per day.

A: The most popular size is 55*12mm, 70*15mm. We also have other sizes for selection, such as 34*34mm, 75*11mm, 70*25mm, 70*40mm, 87*17mm.

A: HUAYUAN has two shaped of IC.

Round IC(HLT-7015 HLT-5512): Traditional IC encapsulation. The thickness of the chip part is 1.72mm.

Square IC(HLT-7015M HLT-5512M): The upgraded of round IC. 3.5mm square module encapsulation with better stable performance, withstand high temperature of 400°C, resist various chemicals and liquids, higher pressure resistance. More thinner 1.1~1.2mm.

A: You can choose to install by stitching, heat sealing, the laundry tag can be put into a fabric bag and then stitched on the clothing/linen sheet, hanging. Read more

A: Yes, pre-printed QR, Barcode or numbering as customer’s requesting. Support chip data programmed and protected, with TID database provide with delivery.

A: We have test report by SGS. We can share with you if you like.

A: If clients need it, we can do OEKOTEX certificate.

A: Performance would drops 15% after more than 100 washing times.

A: HUAYUAN textile UHF laundry tag merits:

1), With rich experience in RFID industry, HUAYUAN developed upgraded 3.5mm square module IC, better performance, Can withstand high temperature of 400°C, resist various chemicals and liquids, with higher pressure resistance and stable performance.

2), Thinner, flexible RFID textile laundry tag, even no feeling on wearing.

3), Variable data printed on the tag, such as QR, Barcode, or series numbering. EPC encoding is available.

4), Durability, impact resistance, heat resistance, 200 times of industrial washing. The cleaning pressure and dehydration conditions are 60 bar. Ironing heat resistance at 200°C. It is also suitable for autoclaves. It has been tested repeatedly and continuously improved. The product is small in size, light and thin, stable in performance, and has an advantage in cost, which can be comparable to any other similar products on the market.

5), HUAYUAN has own design patent.

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