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With a legacy spanning three decades, HUAYUAN has been a stalwart in the Auto-ID industry. As a technology-driven entity, our commitment lies in propelling diverse technologies into the realms of industrial automation, retail, identification, and cashless payment solutions, enriched by a wealth of comprehensive experience.

Headquartered in Shanghai, HUAYUAN stands as a national high-tech enterprise, proudly affiliated with the technical committee of the RFID Engineering and Technology Research Center, EECC (Europe EPC Competent Center), and maintaining a longstanding partnership with Shanghai’s ICC (National Integrated Circuit Technology and Industry Promotion Center). Over the years, we have made significant investments in independent research and development, focusing on digitalization and RFID solutions. Our collaborations extend to world-class companies, contributing to impactful projects in industrial digitalization and IoT applications.

In pursuit of excellence, HUAYUAN has strategically established production bases to accommodate the intricate demands of RFID products and facilitate mass production. Our portfolio spans a spectrum including smart cards, industrial RFID applications, retail management, product traceability tracking, robotics, unmanned RFID AGV solutions, RFID garbage management, event ticket management, and RFID tracking in the textile service industry, postal and courier RFID management, among others.

Our primary markets are centered around the European DACH and France region, as well as North America. In 2017, we solidified our commitment to European markets by investing in an independent technical service and sales service company in Düsseldorf. Future plans involve substantial investments in production plants in Europe and South America.

While there are some standard design forms for RFID products, we have deep know-how of and the ability to customize them for a variety of complex and demanding applications, keeping pace with the rapid development of information systems from virtual data to the dynamic linkage of physical assets being tracked.

We are more than willing to share our global industry experience with you, and if you provide a detailed specific application scenario, purpose, and application target requirements, we will provide you with advice on our solutions. Welcome your communication with us if you have any RFID inquiries.

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tEXBIT RFID Linen Tags

  • HUAYUAN RFID are research and develop RFID laundry tags since 15 years ago.
  • Our PPS RFID laundry tag over-molding HF RFID tag have been applied on a European country military uniform 12 years ago, the tag is the same as a garment button guarantee 5 years using, over 200 times laundering.
  • From 2015 it take us 3 years for developing textile UHF RFID linen tag, from 2019 our laundry tag had been finalized after thousand times test.
  • The capacity of our laundry tag production is up to 100K pieces tag per day. And we had offered for testing and evaluating in Japanese, Germany, USA, even Chinese client as well.
  • In 2020, our laundry tags have been produced for over 10 million tags 90% of them were exported to USA, Japan and Europe.
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When choosing an RFID tag for commercial laundry applications, certifications & test reports are key to ensuring the tag will withstand the demanding laundry environment. HUAYUAN’s HLT laundry RFID tags have obtained these certifications that demonstrate their exceptional quality, safety, and reliability.

You have the option to collaborate with Shanghai HUAYUAN Electronic for delivery in Shanghai, China, or through HUAYUAN Tech GmbH for delivery in Germany. HUAYUAN Tech GmbH acts as the window of HUAYUAN Group in Europe, handling customs clearance and taxes with your convenience.