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TEXBIT RFID Linen Tags for Lifecycle e-Tracking of All Textiles Asset

Para seguimiento y localización de textiles

HLT RFID Linen Chips for lifecycle e-tracking of all textiles asset
ECO RFID Tags for Lifecycle e-Tracking

Lifecycle E-tracking of all Textiles Asset

HUAYUAN is willing to share the benefit of RFID technology with those real requirements of upgrade the accuracy, efficiency, reduce the manpower in any industries and commercial business. we are really enjoying seeing a lot of applications successful used in Europe, USA, and East Asia.

We keep developing and producing reliable and durable RFID laundry tags to satisfy laundry industry transparent tracing and tracking management system requirements, by a series of laundry RFID products, millions of tags had been applied day and night involved in many specific laundry applications: apparel, uniform, healthcare, hospitality, cleaning.

Uniform, Workwear

Improve work efficiency, and monitor and control workwear inventory


RFID technology become a crucial part for hotels automation identification

Apparel, Fashion

Invisible and imperceptible washable RFID tag inserted in the garment can realize the visual management of garment management units


RFID laundry tag for healthcare textile management automation, monitor and control linen & garment inventory and increase hygiene levels


Imperceptible RFID smart linen tags are resistant to the vulcanization process and allow mats & mops in rolling machines to be read

What We Offer

HUAYUAN offers a series of RFID laundry transponder and reader devices for industrial laundry management and covering flat linen, workwear, fashion garment, and mats & mops.


When choosing an RFID tag for commercial laundry applications, certifications & test reports are key to ensuring the tag will withstand the demanding laundry environment. HUAYUAN’s HLT laundry RFID tags have obtained these certifications that demonstrate their exceptional quality, safety, and reliability.