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ECO RFID Tags for Garments

In recent years, RFID tags for garments have become increasingly popular, as more and more apparel and fashion brands seek to improve their inventory management and supply chain operations. These tags use radio frequency identification technology to store and transmit information, allowing for efficient and accurate tracking of clothing items throughout the supply chain, making it easier to manage inventory, reduce shrinkage, and improve supply chain efficiency. With RFID Garment Tags, fashion brands can streamline their operations and enhance the overall shopping experience for their customers.

Sustainable RFID Tags for Garments

Over 70% of the RFID transponder is made of an aluminum etched antenna with FLIP bonding currently in the global market. Due to the fast production speed, after 20 years continuous optimization in the production process, its precision is very high and performance is stable, especially as mass production makes it reach the extreme low cost. However, it is challenge to the environmental sustainability, for example the VOC emissions requires a large investment to minimize.

Nowadays, eco-friendly RFID transponders can be divided into three categories in the world:

  • Electronic ink circuit printed antenna, which is high-cost, short shelf life and mechanical weak. Some printing ink contains heavy metals and unsatisfied consistency.
  • Laser die-cutting antenna, which is a great consistency, and precision, but difficult for massive speedy production capacity.
  • Mechanical die-cut coupled antenna, what HUAYUAN designs and provides. It meets the needs of the environmental sustainability requirement, massive speedy production, and cost-effective RFID transponder solution.


HUAYUAN had spent three years reinventing a new and creative RFID tag compliance environment protection desirableness globally. The production line includes glue coating, Aluminium foil converting, die cutting, waste discharging, and tag high-speed inspection and test are all under self-design creation. We believe our eco-RFID tag will reinvigorate new generation RFID industry in these years.

Features at a glance:

1, Perfect E-performance and consistency

2, Green ECO RFID product

3, Sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing

4, Flexible, stable RFID inlay, tag supply

5, Extensive adaptability for application

Specification of HUAYUAN ECO RFID Tags

Physical Characteristics (Tag size, adhesive can be customized)
Inlay / Tag Dimension 53x33mm / 44x19mm
Antenna Dimension 50x30mm / 42x16mm
Electronic Characteristics
Protocol EPC Class 1 Gen 2/ISO 18000-6C
Manufacture / IC NXP UCODE 8
EPC / TID /User Memory 128bits/96bits/0bits
Base Material No (Paper base without substrate)
Operating Frequency 860~960MHz
Operating Mode Passive
Write Endurance 100,000 times
ESD Voltage Immunity Max.2000V Human being mode(HBM)
Environment & Package
Operating Temperature/Humidity -40°C to +70°C, 20% to 90% RH Non-condensing
Storage -20°C to +50°C, ,20% to 90% RH Non-condensing
Bending Diameter >50 mm
Static Pressure <10 MPa
Delivery Formats
Available Formats Dry inlay, Wet inlay, Label tag
Quality 100% tested with out-of-tolerance inlay marked
Inner Core Diameter 76 mm/3 inch

In conclusion, ECO RFID Tags are a cutting-edge solution for a range of industries, providing superior tracking and inventory management capabilities while also supporting a more sustainable future. With HUAYUAN ECO RFID Tags for Garments, you’ll not only benefit from their superior performance but also contribute to a more sustainable future for us all.

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