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RFID Tag for Uniform Rental: Accurate, Efficiency, Cost Saving

Uniform rental and laundry services are essential for businesses that require their employees to wear uniforms or protective clothing (PPE). These services provide clean and well-maintained garments that are vital for safety and hygiene in the workplace. However, uniform rental processes can be a tedious and time-consuming task for many businesses. Fortunately, RFID technology is revolutionizing the industry with its ability to simplify inventory management, enhance security, and boost efficiency.

Uniform Rental Processes with RFID Laundry Tags

RFID laundry tags are small, thin, flexible durable fabric strip that are attached or insert to uniform, workwear and PPE and other items that require frequent washing. these tags contain an electronic chip that can store data and communicate with RFID readers wirelessly.

The whole process of being constantly sorted and collected in a centralized laundered in a specific procedure, then transported and distributed to its original places in a precisely, which is a tedious, burdensome and challenging physical work.

The implementation of RFID technology makes it possible to optimize the identification and traceability of uniforms throughout the soiled clothes collection, industrial laundry, distribution processes. Improve work efficiency and monitor and control workwear inventory.

HLT RFID linen tags are used to uniquely identify each uniform by attaching them to the garment, with read range of up to 7 meters and offer 100% accuracy, withstand 200+ cycles of washings, chemicals, high-pressure spin-drying, and ironing. There is alternative two kinds of RFID laundry purpose tags for uniforms: flexible HLT serial RFID laundry tag and HB-serial RFID laundry button. All RFID chip in tags can be customized, cooperate with our thermal transfer printing material in roll, customers can print any name, barcode, QR on a patch to heat sealed upon or beside the RFID tag. Our RFID tags delivery usually supplied to uniform suppliers to implemented in uniform manufacturing. Discover our Smart RFID Linen Tags to start tracking your uniform.

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Advantages at a glance

Accurate and Efficient Tracking

RFID tag for uniform rental makes it easy to track and manage. Rental services can use RFID equipment to scan the tags and access information about each garment’s history, such as when it was last washed, which employee used it, and when it is due for its next wash. This information allows rental services to efficiently manage their inventory, ensuring that they always have enough clean garments available for their clients.

Improved Efficiency

RFID linen tags can also improve the efficiency of laundry operations. With RFID technology, laundry services can quickly sort and track garments as they are processed, reducing the risk of lost or misplaced items.

Better hygiene and safety

RFID laundry tags help prevent the loss or theft of uniforms by ensuring that they are returned to the correct location. This reduces the risk of unauthorized individuals accessing the uniforms, which can compromise employee safety and security. Furthermore, RFID tags allow businesses to track the number of times a uniform has been laundered, ensuring that they are always clean and hygienic, reducing the risk of workplace accidents and illnesses caused by unclean garments.

Cost Savings

RFID laundry transponders can also lead to cost savings for workwear rental services. By improving inventory management and reducing the risk of lost or damaged garments, rental services can reduce their operational costs. Furthermore, uniform rental laundry services can ensure that each garment is washed according to its specific needs, extending its lifespan and maintaining its quality, reducing their overall garment replacement costs.

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