Why use RFID in the laundry market

In today’s laundry market, rapid and full control of industrial processes is a key prerequisite for competitiveness and efficiency in the laundry market.

For industrial laundries, automation occupies an important place in the cost structure. RFID laundry helps streamline the operation department’s focus on value-added activities, reducing manual labor, saving costs and increasing transparency and efficiency. Furthermore, asset control is key to laundry as well. How many types of textiles are in circulation? Where exactly are they located? How many units are processed every day? How long will they last? Why? RFID laundry technology can properly help industrial laundries solve these problems by greatly improving the linen identification and sorting process.

By attaching tiny laundry tags to linens, they can be easily identified in the workflow, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced textile losses and increased profits.

Benefits of RFID Laundry

1, RFID deployment improves workflow transparency and efficiency by data exchange between the laundry and its customers instantly.

2, RFID handheld readers can realize automatic and fast daily counts so that clean linen can be delivered to the laundry in time.

3, No more worry about textiles losing issue: customer knows exactly their status, for example, how many linens arrived/sent from/to the laundry and which ones.

4, Improving transparency of the laundry process and billings can be accurate based on reliable data.

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