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Unlike ordinary RFID tags, the UHF laundry RFID textile tag can be washed repeatedly. RFID tags can be ironed or sewn onto clothing or fabrics that are safe and can withstand industrial washing, drying and ironing processes. Rugged, flexible textile material with corrosion resistance.

RFID laundry tags can help manage textile, linen and garment assets efficiently. RFID textile tags can be used throughout the production process of apparel, linen, and textile products. Placing the tags in the corresponding semi-finished products prevents product mixing. It helps to monitor the quality of the production process and optimize the logistics process. In retail, it helps the seller to identify the exact location of the item and thus quickly process the customer demand. Likewise, it is useful in the return or exchange of apparel, linen, and textile products. In addition, the RFID application is used to maintain proper inventory levels and it alerts the warehouse to replenish demand when inventory levels drop. Due to the uniqueness of the tag data, it also acts as a counterfeit and plagiarism prevention. Throughout the process, only one fabric tag is needed to achieve the desired results.

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