Dual Frequency Washable RFID Apparel Tag

Dual Frequency UHF + NFC Tag

As affects of the pandemic impaction in global fashion and retail industry in the last 3 years, world economic expect to recover from 2023.

It’s obviously that the RFID technology played an important role for big retail brands from production, logistic, warehouse management, retail check out with flexible thin RFID sticker tags which is so fragile and weakened after the end customer wearing and washing. Moreover, UHF RFID tags can only be read by industrial read devices, more and more high-end retail and fashion brands yearn for interaction with end customers to enhance brand loyalty.

The NFC technology breaks through between brands and end customers easily connection via NFC enable mobile phone as a shortcut to reach out clients when tags assembled in fashion products.

Washable RFID Apparel Tags

HUAYUAN has R&D several kinds of dual frequency RFID apparel tags with both UHF RFID and NFC together, also washable for years for textiles products during the whole lifecycle, following by brand protection and enhancing end-users’ experience. HUAYUAN has several successful projects by dual frequency washable tags for high-end European fashion brands with outstanding RFID performance, enables to surfer hundreds times household washing and even 2 years industrial laundry by individual request of brands owner.

HUAYUAN offers wide RFID laundry products portfolio, including dual frequency RFID washable tag with NFC + UHF chip, either integrating the two frequencies chips in one tag, or separately packaged in two rooms of one pouch, which customers can cut off the UHF part after the garment using.



Chips Passive NFC + UHF or dual frequency RFID
Working Frequency 13.56MHz (for NFC) & 902~928MHz (for UHF)
EPC Memory Alternative from 1kbits to 4k bits in NFC chip

with 96~128bits in UHF part. Or dual frequency

Housing Fabric, silicone rubber
Data Retention 20 years
Warranty 200 wash cycles or 2 years
Dimension Custom-tailor size is available
Read Range NFC: 1~5cm,

UHF: Up to 5m (Depend on reader)

Stiffness Flexible


HUAYUAN is an expert to develop custom RFID Laundry Tags in a variety of shapes, sizes and chip types to meet your specific needs. Contact us and share specific details regarding your project. Please get in touch with us for further information.

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