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Classic RFID Linen Tags HLT-5512 HLT-7015

RFID Linen Transponder

HLT-7015 / HLT-5512 / HLT-7410 / HLT-7010

HLT serial RAIN RFID laundry tag is a flexible, tenacious, and heat, pressure & stretching resistant fabric-made RFID transponder for textile asset lifecycle tracking purposes. All textiles like flat linens, workwear, and uniforms can be traced and tracked imperceptibly by a unique ID carried in HLT tag, to realize digital transparency and touchless laundry management throughout the soil collection, laundering, distribution processes by RFID facilities connected with IT management systems synchronously. HLT RFID laundry chip can be inserted into the tiny flat linen as well as finest textiles with no-wear feeling and unnoticeable look.

Silicone RFID Laundry Tag


HST Silicone RFID laundry tag is soft and durable, which can be applied to the washing environment such as continuous high-pressure dehydration and ironing in a short time. Silicone laundry chips use UHF technology to effectively improve communication performance. Reading hundreds of tags at a time can reduce labor costs caused by barcodes or HF (high frequency) RFID tags and provide cost-effective management.

Silicone RFID Laundry Tags HST-5512
RFID Laundry Button

RFID Laundry Button

HLB-P150 / HLB-P245

RFID Laundry Button is specially designed for applications that require a rugged tag that can withstand harsh working environments. At present, most UHF laundry transponders are used in the market, but some scenes also need to use NFC laundry tags that support mobile phone applications. The button RFID laundry transponders can perfectly support the above needs and are widely used in the identification and tracking of industrial laundry and textiles in hotels, hospitals, and linen rentals.

Dual Frequency Washable RFID Apparel Tag

HUAYUAN has R&D several kinds of dual frequency RFID apparel tags with both UHF RFID and NFC together, also washable for years for textiles products during the whole lifecycle, following by brand protection and enhancing end-user’s experience.

Silicone RFID Laundry Tags HST-5512
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