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Was kann die RFID Wäscheverfolgung für Sie tun?

Are your business involve consistently washing laundry on a large scale? RFID laundry tracking may help you. RFID laundry tracking offers many benefits for businesses in the uniform rental, hospitality, and healthcare industries. By tagging linens and uniforms with small RFID linen chips, companies can accurately track these items as they move through the laundry process. This leads to increased efficiency, cost savings, and better customer service. From reducing manual laundry sorting to providing visibility into inventory quickly and easily, the following are some ways that RFID can help track your laundry:

1, Manuelle Wäscheklassifizierung reduzieren

Companies that own many types of textiles have sorting processes for washing purposes. Usually, 2-8 people use different washing tubs to facilitate the washing process.

Beim RFID Kleidungsverwaltung ist an jeder Kleidung ein RFID-laundry angebracht, und wenn das RFID-linen tag das Montageband passiert, sendet der RFID Leser ein Abfragesignal und liest das RFID Wäscheetikett. Nach dem Lesen des RFID linen tag ermittelt die Software die zu lesende Textilart und leitet sie an den entsprechenden Bereich oder die Maschine weiter. Die Ergebnisse der Software können auf dem Bildschirm angezeigt werden, sodass der Mensch Textilien oder Wäsche sofort zum nächsten Ziel lenken kann.

Unternehmen, die derzeit RFID verwenden, um den manuellen Sortierprozess zu reduzieren, können die Anzahl der Personen in der Sortierlinie erheblich reduzieren. Es muss kein Personal eingestellt werden, um Barcodes zu lesen oder Bettwäsche zu identifizieren, es werden nur 1-2 Personen benötigt, um das Material zum nächsten Prozess der Produktionslinie zu transportieren.

RFID tracking streamlines laundry workflows. Staff spend less time manually counting, sorting and auditing. The automated scan data enables process optimizations. This improves productivity and turnaround time.

Laundry Process

2, Genaue Waschzählungsaufzeichnungen zur Verfügung stellen

Der Waschzyklus jeder Kleidung ist ein wichtiger Indikator, denn die Analyse des Waschzyklus hilft, das Ende der Lebensdauer der Kleidung vorherzusagen. Die meisten Wäsche oder Uniformen halten nur einer bestimmten Anzahl von Hochleistungswaschgängen stand, bevor sie sich zu tragen und zu tragen beginnen. Ohne Aufzeichnungen über die Anzahl der Waschzyklen ist es schwierig, die Lebensdauer des Kleidungsstücks abzuschätzen, was die Nachbestellung von Ersatzteilen schwierig zu planen macht.

When RFID-tagged linens or clothes are discharged from the washing machine, the RFID reader will detect the RFID laundry tag which sewn into the fabric. Next, the cleaning cycle count will be updated in the software database.

3, Schnell und einfach Transparenz für das Inventar bieten

Traditional manual laundry tracking methods can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Companies that cannot view their inventory cannot accurately plan events, conduct effective operations, or prevent items from being lost and stolen either.

RFID laundry tracking replaces manual record-keeping with automated, real-time data capture. RFID tags sewn into textiles can help companies count inventory faster and more efficiently every day. The RFID readers placed in each storage room will continuously take inventory to help accurately indicate where the linen is lost or stolen. This enables the company to maintain a comprehensive and accurate inventory at all times, reducing the chances of misplaced items and minimizing stock discrepancies.

4, Verlust und Diebstahl reduzieren

Derzeit verwenden die meisten Unternehmen auf der ganzen Welt eine einzige manuelle Inventurmethode, um verlorene oder gestohlene Textilien zu zählen. Leider kommt es beim Mitarbeiter von Tausenden von Textilien zu menschlichen Fehlern.

Lost or misplaced linens can be a significant financial burden for businesses. RFID laundry tracking provides real-time visibility into the movement of each item, making it easier to identify and address potential instances of theft or loss. The unique EPC number on each RFID tag enables the company to identify the exact textiles that were lost or stolen and where they were last interrogated.

Reduce Loss and Theft

5, Genaue Check-In- und Check-Out-System aktivieren

Renting textiles can be complex unless the company instills a concise method to maintain information such as rental date, due date, customer information, and linen information. An RFID system with software can provide a custom database that not only stores important information but also prompts the company when the due date is nearing. A system with this capability allows companies to communicate approximate back-in-stock dates to their customers.

6, Support Sustainable Practices

Efficient laundry management is not only beneficial for your bottom line but also for the environment. RFID laundry tracking reduces water and energy consumption by optimizing laundry processes and ensuring that linens are washed only when necessary. By promoting sustainable practices, your business can demonstrate its commitment to environmental responsibility, appealing to eco-conscious customers and partners.

Sustainability in Textile Industry with RFID Tag

In conclusion, RFID laundry tracking can transform the way your business manages linens and garments, leading to streamlined operations, improved asset management, and increased customer satisfaction. As a leading RFID tag manufacturer, we encourage businesses to embrace this cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape. By integrating RFID laundry tracking into your operations, you can unlock a world of possibilities and take your business to new heights of efficiency and success.

HUAYUAN has developed UHF laundry RFID tags for years, and focused on the Auto-ID industry, especially RFID technology over 20 years. Our RFID linen chips with consistent and stable performance for big projects. For more information, please feel free to contact our Sales Team: inquiry@huayuansh.com

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